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New Stuff!
Record Number Card Up! (7/12)
Three New Cards Up! (7/11)
Gym Edition Two Cards (7/10)
Two New Request Cards (7/9)

Old News

Daily Reminder (7/15)

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past two days. I've been busting my butt in my summer job of building web pages for small businesses (natch) and I haven't been able to do any work what-so-ever on this page.

But don't worry, the next update* will mark the debut of something everyone's emailing me about, the "Make Your Own Pokémon Card" Section here only on Pokémon Aaah! TCG America! Along side of that, I will release some new request cards, like Houho, Jesse, James, and Ash, and also I'll be re-doing the entire TCG America page.

I'll bet you can't wait!

* (which will be some time this week)

Record Number of Card Up! (7/12)

A new high has been reached on Pokémon Aaah! TCG America. A number of 5 cards have been finished. One of them is Togepi (a nothing-so-special version), and the 4 Evolution Stones seen in the Pokémon Game Boy game.

(Fake Edition)
Thunder Stone
(Fake Edition)
Water Stone
(Fake Edition)
Fire Stone
(Fake Edition)
Leaf Stone
(Fake Edition)

In addition to that, the "Make Your Own Pokémon TCG Card" section is almost up. You won't have to way much longer to be able to make your own Pokémon cards!
Also, a "better" version of Togepi and Pikablu is in the works, but won't show up until I finish some other cards. In addition to that, various other Trainer cards will show up, like HP Up, Iron, Carbos, and Moon Stone.
Got any more suggestions or requests? Then give me an email! (Remeber that I can't always reply to every single email that you send. My email box is floodded with request emails and such.)

Three New Cards Up! (7/11)

Last night, I scanned the Trainer card. And until past midnight, my friend (Jimmy Cannon) and I made up three Trainers. One of them is a reqular trainer. The other two aren't. These not-so-regular are "Technical Machines" and "Hidden Machines" (aka TM and HM) which you see in the original Pokémon Game Boy game. Jimmy just out of the blue thought it up. I also heard about making a TM/HM TCG card on a few websites, but I never saw it in action. This is a Pokémon TCG first!

(Fake Edition)
TM35 - Metronome
(Fake Edition)
HM04 - Strength
(Fake Edition)

Sorry, I said I was going to make Togepi, but this was just too hard to resist! I promise though, Togepi is next up.
Got any more suggestions or requests (like some other TM/HM)? Then give me an email!

Gym Edition Two Cards (7/10)

I was able to buy a couple pack of the latest Pokémon TCG Edition, Gym Edition Two. It's generally like the first Gym Edition, although there are new Gym Leaders.

I believe the first Gym Edition focuses around the "Good" Gym Leaders: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Erika. The Second Gym Edition is about the "Bad" Gym Leaders: Sabrina, Giovanni, Koga, and Blaine. Team Rocket is also in it, with their (ultra)-rare "Team Rocket's Mewtwo". For some reason, I have two of them.

Go to the Gym Edition Two page to see scans, spoilers, cardlists, and various other info of the new set. Since I have access to the Gym Edition cards, see some major updates on those two pages.

Two New Request Cards (7/9)

Two new Request cards for you.

(Fake Edition)
(Fake Edition)

Definitely next is Togepi, and possibly others from Pokémon Gold and Silver (like Houho, Bruno, or Slowking).
Got any more suggestions or requests? Then give me an email!

Jungle Pikachu Promo?!? (6/26)

This Just In! For some reason, Wizards of the Coast (the guys who make Pokémon TCG) added a super rare Pikachu promo card for the "Jungle Edition" round up.

This Pikachu isn't your normal "Jungle Edition" Pikachu. For starters, Pikachu has 60 HP, and two attacks. The "Jungle" Pikachu has only 50 HP and 1 attack. Also, where the Jungle symbol is, there is a star with the words "promo" in that spot, and no rarity symbol, but a "1 (one)" or "l (letter L)". It also isn't the "E3" Pikachu card, since there is no "E3" on it.
Several sources say that WotC put this card in by accident. Maybe, maybe not. Other sources say that the rarity is about 1 card per ever 10 BOXES! This makes it super-duper ultra rare.
I'm not sure of the price, but I think I have an idea. The Magic: the Gathering card game has "holofoil" rares which comes 1 to a box. If you're lucky to get one, they can get up to an average of $50. Now this Pikachu is 1 card to every 10 boxes, and in addition to the fact that the Pokémon TCG is extremely popular, the actual price of this card is utterly mind boggling.
So my advice to you is: "DON'T SELL THIS CARD! KEEP IT NO MATTER WHAT!" The only time you should sell this card is if someone give you a ridiculous amount for it (like $50,000).

Pokémon Aaah! TCG America get a new, easier link! (6/29)

Tired of trying all that text just to get to my page, well your troubles are over now that I got a new, easier web address!
Point all bookmarks and links to!

Is it possible that the Pikachu promo card is not alone? (6/27)

After a bit of research, my crack team of research guys (me and my friend) believe that the Pikachu promo card may not be alone. There might be 7 or 8 other promotional cards along with the Pikachu!
Click here you view some other possible Pokémon promo cards.

First Edition Jungle, Already Sold Out! (7/3)

Word has it that the First Edition of Pokémon Jungle has already sold out in various locations all over the US. I was only able to snag 2 pack of the First Edition.
Now that Second Edition is out, the prices of First Edition cards will none-the-less sky rocket, much like how First Edition Premier went through the roof.
So hold on to your cards!

Make Your Own Pokémon TCG Card! (6/26)

This will be a new section to Pokémon Aaah! very soon. Based on the enormous response for my Missingno. card, I will soon open a new section where you, the viewers, will be able to make your own Pokémon TCG cards! I will have copies of all the card outlines, symbols, and the instructions on how to make them. If you make them really well, you can trick all your friends!

Older Stfff:

OK, here's the scoop. The next edition, "Pokémon Jungle" is shipping early, you might see it around June 31! "Pokémon Jungle" has 64 cards. There are 16 rares, 16 rare-holos (which are holo-version of the 16 rares), 16 uncommon, and 16 common. Awfully small, isn't it? No doubt it'll be much more easier to "Catch 'em all!"

Pokémon Jungle Booster Pack

Need info on the different Pokémon TCG Editions?

Jungle Edition
(released June 19, 1999)
Click Here

Fossil Edition
(due Fall 1999)
Click Here

Team Rocket Edition
(due Spring 2000)
Click Here

Gym Edition One
(due Summer-Fall 2000)
(Under Construction)

Gym Edition Two
(due Winter 2000-Spring 2001)
(Under Construction)

Fake Edition
(my personal home-made cards)
Click Here

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