Pokémon Aaah! presents:
"Pokémon Gym Edition Two" Edition Cards

Here are card descriptions and pictures of all the new cards.

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Gym Edition Two Pack Set-Up

The packs have 10 cards each. There are:

  • 2 Rares (?!)
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 5 Commons

I believe the the set is called "Challenge From the Dark".

Gym Edition Two Card List

The set includes:
• Koga (Trainer) [Rare]
• Koga's Arbok [Rare]
• Koga's Zubat [Common]
• Koga's Koffing [Common]
• Koga's Ekans
• Koga's Weedle
• Koga's Kakuna
• Team Rocket's Mewtwo [Rare-Holo]
• Team Rocket's Snorlax [Rare]
• ______'s Chansey [Super Uncommon]
• Sabrina's Hypno [Uncommon]
• Sabrina's Drowsy [Common]
• Sabrina's Mr. Mime [Common]
• Sabrina's Porygon [Common]
• Sabrina's Gengar
• Blaine's Charizard [Rare-Holo]
• Blaine's Kangaskhan [Uncommon]
• Blaine's Vulpix [Common]
• Blaine's Rhyhorn [Common]
• Blaine's Growlith [Common]
• Blaine's Moltres
• Blaine's Doduo
• Giovanni's Nidorina [Uncommon]
• Giovanni's Nidorino [Uncommon]
• Giovanni's Magikarp [Common]
• Giovanni's Machamp

______'s Chansey is exactly what it is. On the card, there is a long underdash, then "no Rashikii ( _'s Chansey)" Weird, isn't it? I don't think there's a purpose to it.

Gym Edition Two Spoilers

So far I only have one spoiler. I don't know any Japanese, so it's really hard to even guess at what the cards do. There are some cards are really easy to guess at, though. I know that there's a certain pattern in the cards that mean "Flip a coin." or "Poisoned". I'll do my best guess.

Basic Pokémon

70 HP

Team Rocket's Mewtwo

Flip a coin. If heads, remove all damage counters on Mewtwo and the Defending Pokémon.

Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is Asleep.




Lv. 35